Display your accessories as you store them

The transparency of acrylic makes it an ideal material for storage. Not only can you immediately locate the contents, but you can also display your possessions. Standardised modules allow you to come up with your own combinations, in order to bring harmony to your desktop.

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Imported/Branded Baby Bags Collection in Pakistan for sale online

  • >> Stores essentials such as diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer
  • >> Waterproof Material
  • >> Insulated pockets
  • >> Zippered main compartment
  • >> Carrying handles
  • >> Adjustable shoulder strap

Baby Bags or Diapers Bags are used by mothers to carry the stuff owned by their babies. Best quality baby bags ensures the leak-proof and waterproof making.  The latest baby bags are most wanted to keep all the accessories of babies together and organised. Now you will never forget a single of your baby accessories to carry while moving from one place to the other. High quality and neat making made it a perfect choice for you to select for your baby. You can keep breeding bottle (feeder), diapers, and dresses of a baby as well.

With its large main compartment and abundance of accessory pockets, this bag gives you plenty of space for stashing baby essentials such as wipes and extra clothes. Its also insulated, so you can safely store formula, snacks, and any prehistoric mammals preserved in ice that your child finds. In addition to its functionality, the tote sports warm colors and a fun pattern, meaning moms still get to retain their sense of style.This brings us to our next key consideration which is ease of use.

Fashion-multifunction-baby-accessories-bag-holder-baby-diapers-barsfashion-online-shopping-organizers-kids-lahore-high-quality-waterproof-the-choice-of-a-mother-612 Fashion-multifunction-baby-accessories-bag-holder-baby-diapers-barsfashion-online-shopping-organizers-kids-lahore-high-quality-waterproof-the-choice-of-a-mother (12) Fashion-multifunction-baby-accessories-bag-holder-baby-diapers-barsfashion-online-shopping-organizers-kids-lahore-high-quality-waterproof-the-choice-of-a-mother (9) 2 Fashion-multifunction-baby-accessories-bag-holder-baby-diapers-barsfashion-online-shopping-organizers-kids-lahore-high-quality-waterproof-the-choice-of-a-mother (1) Fashion-multifunction-baby-accessories-bag-holder-baby-diapers-barsfashion-online-shopping-organizers-kids-lahore-high-quality-waterproof-the-choice-of-a-mother (13) Fashion-multifunction-baby-accessories-bag-holder-baby-diapers-barsfashion-online-shopping-organizers-kids-lahore-high-quality-waterproof-the-choice-of-a-mother (14)

Nail Tip Cutter

Nail Tip Cutter

With tip cutter, cut your nails in square shape with ease. just place your nail in the tip cutter s shown in the pic and press the cutter. File the nails later on with buffer or salon shaper. you can also cut the nail in other shapes i.e well cut, round edge and straight edge.

How to cut nails with tip cutter

You can but tip cutter online from www.barsfashion.com. Online shopping in Pakistan is made easy by bars fashion. We supply nail art accessories and fashion accessories all over Pakistan. Pay cash at the time of delivery of your order.Price of tip cutter is just RS: 300

Jewellery Organizer

No more messy drawers with your jewellery now. With jewellery organizer you can place your jewellery items in an organized manner that will prevent it from getting dull. It will also save your time in finding jewellery daily. It has two sides, one is having clear pockets, the other is having hooks.
Buy jewellery organizer online in Pakistan at www.barsfashion.com . This organizer costs just Rs: 700. It comes in 2 colours i.e hot pink and black.
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