Night Elves Ladybug

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Product Description

Product Description Color:Ladybug Looking to provide your child with soothing comfort and protection at night?

Get ready for our uniquely designed night light!! Babies, infants and toddlers are tender, innocent creatures. Night time for us adults are pretty much normal, but for them, it can be a time of terror and fear, hence the common phrase- “Fear of the Dark”. This can make life difficult for the parent/guardian looking after them, endlessly having to comfort them during the night, resulting in them feeling nothing short of tired. Here at Little Lamby, we have just the nifty little device that solves this problem!

? Uniquely designed, with a brightness that does not dazzle the eyes, yet comforts the child ? Light control system that powers on when lights are off ? Electrical powered for greater reliability

Your baby will never fear the night again!!! Our design looks colourful and cutesy, so as to provide the child with a greater sense of comfort at night. The illumination will hence keep him or her feeling safe as well as secure during the night, so you can give yourself a break as well!

? Unique design with a subtle illumination to not dazzle your child’s eyes yet provide comfort ? Electrical powered for greater reliability ? Light control technology for added efficiency


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