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Features: 100% new with retail packing

Easy to use Can be used as nail vinyl’s and 3D nail stickers. Great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner It makes your nails looks elegance and special

Instruction: When Placing the sticker on a existing nail polish layer, make sure that layer is total dry 1.Peel off gently one square shape from the supporting paper.

2.Stick it to the pillow of your finger(skin side ) for a couple of times in order to reduce the intensity of the glue, Thus by avoiding living marks on the existing nail polish layer.

3. Place the shape in the desired angle and location on the nail. Make sure that it is flat and well stick in all areas covering the nail.

4.Apply a moderate layer of nail polish on the area where the cut out shape is. Do not let it go over the borders of the sticker.

5.Peel off the sticker fairly immediately after apply the polish. Do it slowly and carefully, Not to twist the sticker and damage the shape

How to use  Very easy to use, use this stencil to print patterns on your nails. Polish a kind of base color polish on your nail, then stick this stencil on, and polish another color, then the pattern is printed on your nails. Fast to use and kinds of patterns suit for your style. Regular nail polish and nail glue are available for this.


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