Nail Stylist 2 rubber design Plates & 3 Stamping Nail Color

₨ 800 ₨ 600

Product Description

Easy Nail Art Stamp.

  • Easy to dress up your nail. Everyone can do, even 7 old girls can do it by themselves (under adult supervision).
  • Nail Art Salon quality, or even better. You can do to imprint the professional delicate designs, which are impossible to achieve with hand printing on your nail.
  • Art creativity yourself. Apply to multiple colors inside a desired image. Enjoy your art creativity.
  • Stamping nail art bring about fun, save time and money.


Can you make wise choice?

Clearly, Nail Stylist is the better choice for the following reasons.

  • Do not need basic stamp to transfer the image on your nails. The image plate itself roles stamp.
  • Do not need scraper to scrape excessive polish off, before imprint the image on your nails. (Tap lightly stamp on a useless copy paper 4~5 times to keep Nail Stylist stamping nail polish remained only on your desired image.)
  • This products country of origin is South Korea, as the most improved stamping nail art.
  • Do not compare with other cheap goods.

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