Hexagon Stamping Plate AQ86

₨ 140

Product Description


100% brand new

Material: stainless steel

Plate diameter: 5.5*5.5cm

How to step by step with this nail art design?

1.Remove the blue film before use;

2.Apply the nail polish on nails(this is background color),wait it dry;

3.Choose the pattern you like and apply nail polish(this is the pattern color) on the stamping template;

4.Use a nail art scraper scrap the stamp plate with 30 degree angel, please ensure the pattern groove full of nail polish;

5.Untill you can see the metal parts out of the pattern, before the nail polish dry, use a nail stamper to press the the pattern;

6.Then press the stamper on nails, remove it if you ensure the pattern was transfered completely on the nail,wait it dry;

7.Appy a topcoat to protect it


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